CFSOBX Athlete of the Month (August, 2015)

Sara Jackson

Were you active prior to CF?

I was a runner and a gym rat. Training for half-marathons was my focus.


When did you start doing CF?

On & off again since 2004, CF SOBX since Sept 2014.


What was your first workout and what were your thoughts after finishing?

Helen. I thought I was done after Round 1. 


What do you enjoy most about CF?

I enjoy the community aspect of CF. I like walking in for a WOD and pushing through with everyone else. Where else can I finish dead last & have everyone cheer me on?


What were your goals when you first started CF? What are they now?

First, I just wanted to attend regularly and try to firm up. I wanted to be able to do one unassisted pull up. 

My goals now: continue to be consistent in attendance, 5 strict pull ups, incorporate strict push ups into wods, Grace Rx.


What type of nutrition plan do you follow and has that changed since CF?

My nutrition plan needs attention:) I have learned many nutrition/eating strategies to help overhaul my lifestyle in general.


What results have you seen since starting CF?

I have seen changes in my body that being a gym rat could not deliver. I am slowly transitioning from "let's get skinny" to "let's get strong"


Fave wod? Least fave?

Fave: Cindy (20 min AMRAP 15 squats, 10 push-ups, 5 pull-ups)

Least: No Show Bravo (1 mile run, 20 box jumps, 800m run, 40 box jumps, 400m run, 60 box jumps)


Fave exercises? least fave?

Fave: Overhead Squats, Double unders, any lift using explosion!

Least: box jumps, strict overhead press


About me:

Husband: Jeremy, Kids: Jake and Jenna

Hobbies: reading, travel, boating, dining out


What advice would you give to someone curious about starting or new to CF?

Just try it for a week - you will not be disappointed. It'll be a life changing week. I have not been to the big box gym since I started at CF SOBX in September. 


I do...something active everyday, no matter how trivial.

I am...a procrastinator.

I eat...a variety of delicious things...most of them healthful.

I make lists, lots of lists.

I love...unconditionally. 


I cannot tell you how special it makes me feel to be chosen from my peers to be AOM. Joining this box has been seriously life influencing. It is so motivating to be surrounded by athletes that are bigger, faster, better. I can always strive for that and it is great to see success all around me. 

From the staff:

Sara Jackson is a welcomed role model to the CrossFit SOBX family and community.  She is constantly smiling, reaches out to and welcomes new members/visitors, and occastionally busts out some of her fabulous dance moves. As an athelete, she is diligent in understanding the programming behind each workout, and places her highest concern on the foundation of CrossFit, the mechanics of each movement. Sara has made impressive gains in her lifting, gymnastics, and conditioning. We are all proud of how hard she works on a daily basis.