CrossFit Level 1

Kevan attended the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.  Upon graduation, he  became employed as an engineer at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. While working there he met a few coworkers who kept talking about a CrossFit affiliate originally located on the base and one day decided to try it out.  His first workout was “Karen”, a benchmark workout which consists of throwing a 20 pound medicine ball up at a 10 foot target on the wall a 150 times. That day he was introduced to “scaling” which helped him realize that it is possible for anyone and any skill level (growing up Kevan suffered from exercise induced asthma which kept him from playing organized sports) to get an amazing workout without trying to obtain the unobtainable.  He was immediately hooked!  It’s exactly what he needed to push himself beyond physical limitations and to fuel his competitive drive to be more than average. He only completed 50 “Wallballs” that day but 2 and a half years later he was rocking all 150 Wallballs “as prescribed” in under 10 minutes!  The power of consistency, drive, and community is a major drive for Kevan.  Throughout his tenure at CrossFit Cherry Point, Carteret, and now Iron Tide, he feels fortunate to have met, coached, and sweated beside great people and athletes.  He’s been able to coach and witness some amazing achievements of some of our great athletes and looks forward to many more.

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