Discover Yourself

Thank you to the anonymous post on the whiteboard in my office! The power of this quote left me floored. Reading behind the lines, one would think in the days of Socrates, nearly 2400 years ago, most people would have been in prime physical condition. Not necassarily physical specimens or amazing athletes, but people hardened by the grind of survival. A time dominated by farmers and various other forms of manual laborers where day to day living itself required an elevated level of physical well being. Yet even then, as we see with this quote, there is an indication of a presence of those who took their bodies for granted. Although the magnitude of neglect is without a doubt much worse today, it's incredible to think that in a time where the strong survive, that people would not choose strength over their own fate. We fight a very different battle today, with various diseases dominating our society at chronically high levels, and yet as a society, we continue to fail at discovering the power behind a healthy lifestlye.

I feel blessed to have lived a life where my physical limits have constantly been tested. Nearly 20 years of organized sports and 12 years in the Marine Corps have more than challenged my every capability. Yet I know that I have more in me; that anything is achievable. It's not a matter of if, but how long do I need to have a focused effort to complete a task. Knowing your own limits is an awesome feeling, as there is never a question as to what you can and can't do.

There is no boundary or final product for beauty and strength. It's more than an ideal physique or a PR. It's a constant journey, a consistent challenge. It's doing something you've never done before, and being able to do things until your time is up. Be true to the person you see in the mirror every day, and give that person the opportunity to succeed at any physical task. Find the capability you have inside and realize the full potential of what you can achieve. Discover yourself!

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