Low T Competition

Take it from the ladies who participated last year...Low T was a great time! In just one short week, it's going down again at CrossFit Tier 1 in Greenville. We've got a great group of gals registered again this year, so if you're not doing anything next Saturday (Feb 20th), come support your friends. If it helps, we'll get Lyle to walk around shirtless just like the event judges! Proceeds from the event will be given to the Center for Family Violence Prevention. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1487075641600781/

This year's teams from CrossFit SOBX:

Kourtney S. and Sara J.

Shelly D. and Sara H.

M.K. and Sherry P.

Kristin K. and Tasma N.

Angie B. and Brooke G.

Jodi P. and Elianna P.

Lisa B. and Barb G.

Melodie D. and Callie S.

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