Big Fish or Little Fish?

Ah, the old adage. Which one are you? Which do you strive to be?

For as long as I can remember, I have been an admirer. People flat out amaze me. I truly mean this in every sense, every ability, and every act. But when you break it down into solely the physical realm of human performance, my admiration bursts into excitement. I'm always sidelined by what the human body can do. There's only one question I consistently have when I see something I possess the ability to one day do that? Whether the answer is an obvious no, a maybe, or an absolutely, one thing holds true; I am blessed to be around people who amaze me! Yes, of course, these days it's easy to find thousands of videos on the internet or other social forums where you see something that turns your head, something that makes you question your ability. But most of the time, that simply turns into a forgotten swipe to the next picture or video on your phone. That's not the focus I'm looking for. What I'm talking about is the realism and humbleness you feel when that person next to you gets their first unassisted pullup before you did, or rocks out their first prescribed workout in prime fashion. Maybe it's watching one of the elite athletes or coaches at your gym do something you feel you'll never achieve. The human mind is a powerful thing. The ability to turn admiration and desire into motivation, drive and the will to succeed is incredibly special. And the opportunity to do so is what makes the weak stronger, and the strong powerful.

So how do you maintain the ability to consistently motivate yourself and keep the fire of the human mind inspired? Where does the opportunity come from? It's easy. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE BETTER THAN YOU! There is not one single professional athlete that got to where they are without working alongside hundreds of others who challenged them, defeated them, taught them failure and fueled their will to win. You've heard it before, but if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Comfort, in the competitive sense can be a chronic disease. It can provoke laziness, arrogance, or the most delibilitating of all, a skewed view of reality. If you feel like you're on top, it's time to find a different pond. A pond that will keep your passion strong and your motivation high. A pond that will amaze you and challenge you in every way. A pond filled with dozens of people who are doing things you once thought impossible. If you feel like you're on bottom...wait for're right where you need to be. You are in the midst of great company. You're surrounded by a team that will cheer for you, teach you, motivate you, and help make you the person you've always wanted to be.

I love CrossFit. There's no question there. I love the victories, the successes, the failures, and most of all the community. We are surrounded by amazing people who can physically do amazing things. And every year, previous 'limits' are broken. It's inspiring to watch, and has, without a doubt, helped me along my personal CrossFit journey. We are a community that fuels the betterment of eachother and have a profound respect for those that break their own limits. There is a right size pond for everyone, find yours!

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