Trident: Performance Training

I just wanted to take a minute and say how proud I am of everyone and what you've accomplished over the past couple of months. We had a very motivated group who saw great results during the Whole Life Challenge, and dozens of amazing performances and personal bests during the CrossFit Open. Job well done!

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be retesting one rep maxes for most of our primary lifts. As a reminder, the testing phase is simply a time for us to get a progress check and baseline number to execute our normal programming. Avoid the urge to get too competitive with your previous results. The only thing that matters is where you are now. So focus on great mechanics, safe execution of each movement, and be honest with the number you get. It will pay dividends in the future. If you aren't comfortable with loading a heavy weight on the bar, you can always shoot for a 3 or 5 repetition max and we'll convert that to a useable number for your daily percentages.

For those of you interested in competitor programming, we'll be introducing a 'Trident' category through Wodify over the next few weeks. For now, the elements in Trident will look similar to the 'Cash Out' section you're already used to. Once we get through the testing/max phase, Trident elements will become longer and more challenging. These workouts are designed to be completed in addition to normal programming, either prior to or after normal classes. Anyone who wants to participate needs to be approved by one of our coaches, as many elements may require completion without supervision, so it's paramount that you are able to execute all essential movements properly and safely. Contact us for more details.

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