Word of the Day: Synergy

Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements or forces in a system which produces an effect greater than the sum of its individual parts. Everyone, at some level, has experienced the positive effects of synergy. The power of people, and more importantly, a community of motivated and focused individuals can do amazing things.

Since we started CrossFit SOBX, Abby and I have been determined to deliver the best product available. When we were surprised with orders to move to Arizona only a year into the business, the best product came in the form of 6 incredible coaches that you've all gotten to know really well. For nearly 3 years, we've been attempting to find the best way to make CrossFit really grow in this community. What we've learned is that there is no single thing that we, as coaches, can do to affect that growth. The most important factor, in our opinion, has been the physical and emotional growth that our membership base has undergone, and the friendship bonds created in the process. In short, YOU are what makes CrossFit what it is, and YOU are what helps grow this amazing community.

Just several weeks ago, we saw it come to light in the form of competition during the last CrossFit Open workout. It was great to see a few powerful athletes go head to head. But even more than that, the energy inside the gym was eye opening. For myself, I wasn't just watching a competition. That night I saw 3 gyms worth of athletes come together to share something that has truly impacted their lives. It wasn't this place versus that place, it was a community supporting it's own identity. That was the best part of it all!

Shortly after, we contacted Todd and Rhonda (Owners of CrossFit Carteret and Morehead City) to discuss a few things and we quickly realized that a common vision was shared. We were all interested in figuring out how to give the CrossFit community in our area the best chance for growth, the most opportunities, and make the biggest impact in individual lives. The answer immediately became clear; synergy. The more we pull together, the larger our community grows. Joining hands will present opportunities where when separate, wouldn't be possible. The potential for change will be greater together. Combined, we will be a stronger voice in the community.

So, without further delay, we'd like to announce that all 3 of your local CrossFit gyms will be combining into one facility, one community, one family. At this point, timelines are still in work, but know that we are focused in making this happen to give you the most we have to offer. We realize that change can be a very difficult thing to deal with, but we want everyone to realize that we all have the community as priority number one, and we know that this will make an incredibly positive impact on where we go in the future. I know many of you will have questions and they are welcomed. This is very important to us and we want to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the vision we have for CrossFit in Eastern North Carolina.

Jason and Abby Leshikar

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