WOD 07/20/17 - Bipartisan Agreements

The Appetizer: 200 Cal Row Deadlift Holds (225/155, but not greater than 50%) *With a partner, complete 200 calories on the rower. While one partner rows, the other performs the deadlift hold. Calories are only counted while the bar is off of the ground. Alternate as required. **15 min time cap ***Once the last team is finished, rest 5-10 minutes prior to the main course. The Main Course: 150 KBS (53/35) Flexed Arm Hang *With a partner, complete 150 KBS. While one partner swings, the other performs a flexed arm hang on the pullup bar (hold chin above the bar, forward or reverse grip is ok). Swings are only counted while the chin is above the bar. Alternate as required. **15 min time cap

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