Athlete of the Month: Karen Cloninger

Athlete of the Month:

Karen Cloninger

When did you start CrossFit?

May 2013, so almost 6 years ago

What is your favorite lift and/or favorite workout?

Anyone that knows me knows my fav lift is deadlift! I don't have a favorite workout but love rope climbs, slam balls, deadlifts, HSPU, tire flips, and sledgehammers. Hate burpees and OHS.

What is your favorite memory? (this can be a PR, a competition or any memory in general)

Favorite memories include the Open 2 years ago and last year (even though I get so nervous). 2 years ago in the Open workout I couldn't do any pullups and I could only do several toes to bar, but last year I was able to do both Rx in the Open workouts . It was so much fun dressing up and laughing and cheering for everyone at Friday night lights.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

I have gained so much! But would have to say mostly Confidence ! and Amazing friends! CrossFit is where I get rid of my stress of the day. The fun and laughter are what I am there for . It's good mental therapy. The workout is just a bonus. My whole day is planned around getting to the gym.

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