Athlete of the Month: Mary Katherine Lawrence

Athlete of the Month: Mary Katherine Lawrence

When did you start CrossFit?

I started Crossfit in August 2013 at the Arendell Street location. Abby and Jason were so welcoming and encouraging.

What is your favorite lift and/or favorite workout?

Favorite lift is push jerk but happy to do any lifts-even snatches- in lighter weights and lower reps. Favorite workout is Annie on the Run.

What is your favorite memory? (this can be a PR, a competition or any memory in general)

Many memories but mostly the people that I have gotten to know, most of whom I would never know without ITC. Also the 12 Days of Christmas with my 3 grown sons joining in the fun. How has CrossFit impacted your life?

Megan will be sorry that she asked me how CF has impacted my life. This is when you can’t shut me up. I started Crossfit to improve my upper body strength which was abysmal. Who knew that going to our box at 5:44 every morning would improve my moods and give me such an uplifting way to start each day. Could be endorphins but I think it is also my co-crossfitters that make sweating and panting fun. I own my own bone density machine and check the strength of my bones regularly because of having osteoporosis . Much to my surprise, my bone density which had steadily gone down over my 40’s and 50’s despite running, dramatically improved once I started Crossfit. My bone density is better at age 63 than at age 46. I reversed my osteoporosis and as a result, started BoneFit in 2016 with ITC and Carteret Health Care to help others improve their bone mass, agility and mobility . Hopefully together we are improving the health of our larger community. What is your goal for 2019? My goal for 2019 is to continue to improve my cardiovascular endurance. Of course what woman in our gym doesn’t have the goal of growing up to be like Barb? Under Todd and Ronda’s guidance ITC should continue to grow and thrive and I am grateful for all the coaches and athletes whose path I have crossed.

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