Announcements: July 23, 2019

HYBRID MEMBERS, please read a couple of reminders regarding the use of your Hybrid membership:

1. Please make sure to clean equipment, put equipment away, and ensure that there are no chalk or sweat marks left around your area. There are spray bottles with cleaner & towels hanging throughout the gym. There is a mop bucket located in the storage closet in the big room.

2. When leaving the gym, please make sure to turn off all lights, the BigAss Fan, and all electronics (TV, stereo, clock, etc.)

3. If you are in the gym during the last class of the day and are utilizing the Hybrid side of the gym, please connect with the closing coach to see if they want you to close down that side of the gym.

4. Please DO NOT prop open the Hybrid access door. This is how we track who is accessing the gym via Hybrid. You may keep the garage door open, but please keep the Hybrid door closed.

Due to a lack of participation, we will not be offering childcare in the evenings at this time. We may revisit this option in the future if we find someone to help out. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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