Some Changes and Announcements

Hey everyone,

I would like to reach out to everyone and let you know some changes that are taking place at the gym. The lease for the small building where the evening BoneFit, Junior Trident and Childcare is conducted was not renewed by the new owners. So we will be moving out of that building. We will still be offering all those services. The Junior Trident and the BoneFit classes will be conducted at the same time. The classes will take place at the same time as the scheduled CrossFit class. However, the coaches will work together to assess the needs of each class. Depending on which class has the largest demand for space will determine which side of the gym the class is held. As far as open gym time at 3:45 or 6:15, it will be allowed as long as it does not interfere with the class that is being facilitated. The classes have priority. Please be patient as we work things out coordinating and implementing the classes and providing all the opportunities to workout. ChildCare will still be provided at 8:30am in the old childcare / office area. Tammy will also be allowed to let the kids use some of the gym space if possible. But, the max number of kids allowed for Childcare will now be 6 kids. Again we will be doing everything we can to make sure everyone has as much access to the gym as possible while still providing for those that want a class.

Also with this change we will lose the use of the parking lot on that side closet to that building. The owners are adamant about our members and patrons not parking or using that side of the parking lot. So, If you get to the gym and there is not parking available around our building please use the parking lot at the Park and walk over.

These changes have to be in place by the end of the month however may take place earlier as the transition takes place. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and email us at also please feel free as always to give us feedback as the changes are implemented. We value all responses however we also ask just be patient and understand that all request will be considered but cannot we guarantee that it will or can be acted upon.

One last announcement. We will be getting more shirts in just in time for Christmas or any other occasion. So, If you do not have some merch to represent your gym come and get you some. We will be taking orders for Pre-Order of Hoodies starting next week, check the desk for the order sheet.

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