Halloween Costume WOD and Trick or Treating for the Kids

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful week. With next Saturday being Halloween, we decided to have a costume WOD at 0830! Come dressed up for a fun partner/team workout with your friends.

Around 1045 or so, after the class, we want to have a “trick or treat” event for all the kids. We will set up different stations around the gym with goodies and candy. Each station will have a different exercise associated with it so the kids will have to earn their treats! For example, at my box I’ll expect 5 burpees for candy!

This year has been difficult and strange, so we want to bring a little bit of normalcy back to this fun holiday. If you would like to set up a station and bring candy/goodies, please comment below with what you plan to bring. Also, include what exercise you want them to do, so I can print out signs!

Thank you guys so much & hope to see everyone next Saturday!

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