Update on class schedule until November 15th

Hello Everyone,

Let me start off by saying thank you to every single one of you that make this such a great community. The support, input, cooperation, and patience as we work through this tough time has been outstanding. I do believe that our commitment to our fitness does put us at a greater advantage against the virus if contracted but I do not want anyone to even have to deal with the slightest symptoms of the virus. So, after an unfortunate exposure to the community of the gym we have to move forward in the safest manner possible as to avoid direct and indirect spreading. So, in order to do this and continue to keep the gym as safe as possible I urge everyone please keep me informed of any, including even the slightest possible symptoms of the virus and definitely any positive test for the virus. This will allow me to make the best-informed decisions on the operations of the gym while providing the safest atmosphere for everyone. Moving forward we will be keeping this same schedule until the 15th of November. When you RSVP for a class make sure you check the time you are wanting because I will be changing the class times slightly to allow for a 15 min break between the workout hours. The afternoon classes already enjoy this, but it will now be implemented throughout the entire day as well. This will hopefully allow for less congestion around the gym in between the workouts as well as hopefully address some of the parking issues. As always please be vigilant about cleaning behind yourself and making sure everything is put away clean. Since there are no coaches assigned if you have any questions, concerns or need anything while at the gym please feel free to reach out to Rhonda at 252-269-3809 or myself at 252-725-3546 or at staff@irontidecrossfit.com. Again thank you for being so understanding and always willing to make this the best fitness community possible.

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