This Month February 2/1/21

Hey everyone this month we have some new things going on so make sure you check them out!!

  1. The Teen Trident starts this Thursday 2/4/21 at 5PM. This will be an every week class on Thursdays for anyone 13 - 18 years of age. The more participation we have the better the class will be so take advantage of it and if you have any friends bring them along.

  2. This Friday 2/5/21 we will be hosting our First Friday Night Lights of the year. It will be a two person competition and will be open to everyone. If you have a little one in Junior Trident we will be kicking the night off them competing in the first WOD.

  3. Please if you are a business owner or would like to share your business with the rest of the ITC community get me your business card or any other information about your business so I can add it to the Information packet to the community.

Also if you have not heard Coach Sarah and her husband Nate are going to be adding another little member to the ITC family so if you see her glowing around the gym that's why. Give her or Nate a high five and congrats!!!

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