Beginners are required to attend an introductory class given on Saturday's at 9:00am (RSVP online).  Learn the class structure, meet the staff, and see what CrossFit is all about! The class will consist of a brief background of CrossFit, general assessment, warm-up, 20-30 min of movement instruction, and a short workout.  If you can't make it at our alloted times, no worries, just let us know what works for you. Please CONTACT US to schedule your introductory class.


If you are proficient in the squat, pushup, pullup, overhead movements, olympic lifts, and are comfortable running and rowing, feel free to schedule your FREE Trial during any normal CrossFit class.   If it has been a while since you've done CrossFit, we highly recommend attending an introductory class before diving back in. Better safe then sorry!  Complete the following steps to schedule a FREE Trial.



View our RSVP portal



 Select the appropriate session (Free Trial), pick your class time, day and progam. Beginners, the introductory class will be Saturday's at 9:00am.



Enter your info, then fill out your digital Waiver and you're done!